Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 10


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 10 cover


  • Vesey Norman, 'George IV and Highland dress'
  • Nicholas Mayhew, 'The status of women and the brewing of ale in medieval Aberdeen'
  • Alexander Gibson, 'The bread assize in early modern Scotland'
  • Susanna Wade Martins, 'A century of farms and farming on the Sutherland Estate, 1790-1890'
  • Iain S Macdonald, 'Alexander Macdonald, Esq of Glencoe. Insights into early sheep-farming'
  • Forbes W Robertson, 'The working life of Scottish gardeners between the wars'
  • Heather Holmes, 'Boilings: a customary practice of the potato harvest'
  • Pat Dennison, 'The Scottish Burgh Survey and the work of the centre for Scottish urban history'
  • John Burnett and Peter N Lewis, 'Edinburgh city golfing societies and their prizes'
  • Craig Young, 'Oral history and the micro-sale firm: a case study from Lowland Perthshire'
  • Stephen Miller, 'Words peculiar to Shetland: Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte in Shetland (1858)'

Shorter Notes

  • Vesey Norman, 'Targes for the earl of Loudon’s Regiment of Highlanders, 1745'
  • Sheena Wenham, 'Margaret Vedder, Orkney 1788: her household goods and body clothes'
  • James McIntosh, 'David MacRitchie, 1851-1925'
  • Hugh Cheape, 'Cupping'
  • Hans H Meier, 'Eugen Dieth, Zürich (18 November 1893 – 24 May 1956) and the Buchan dialect'
  • Robbie Robertson, 'The Scottish Language Project: The Kist/A’ Chiste'