Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 26


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 26


  • Dale Carter, ‘Contested Grounds: Alan Lomax, John Lorne Campbell and the Scottish Folk Revival’
  • Edward J. Cowan, ‘Robert Heron of New Galloway (1764-1807): Enlightened Ethnologist'
  • Vivienne S. Dunstan, ‘Comparing Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Scottish Reading Habits with England'
  • Margaret Elphinstone, ‘Dirk Hatteraick’s Cave: Location, Folklore and Fiction in Scott’s Guy Mannering and Redgauntlet'
  • Vanessa Habib, 'The Colours of Cudbear: Continuity and Change in Wool and Linen Dyeing in Eighteenth Century Scotland'
  • Lynne J. M. Longmore, ‘Curling Medals in Nineteenth Century Scotland: Their Historical, Social and Cultural Significance within Rural Parishes of Dumfries and Galloway'
  • Catherine Rice, ‘Cottage Gardens and the Moral Landscape of Improvement in Lowland Scotland’
  • Adam Sammut, ‘The Portraits of Scottish Kings at the Palace of Holyroodhouse Reconsidered’
  • Geoffrey N. Swinney, ‘Collecting Legacies: The World-Wide Collections of National Museums Scotland and National Identity’