Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 5


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 5 cover


  • Ian Gow, 'The Northern Athenian Room '
  • John P Shaw, 'Thomas Finlayson, flax raiser and dresser at Grangehaugh Lintmill, 1750-1775'
  • Una Robertson, 'Some early Scottish bee masters and their books'
  • Marion Campbell, 'A farm manager’s cashbook, 1843-1854'
  • Harry D Watson, 'Alexander Cunningham of Cellardyke, and the origins of the ‘fifie’'
  • Ian H Grant, 'Nyanza watering place'
  • Ian A Olson, 'The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection: last leaves of a local culture?'
  • John Brims, 'The Ross-shire witchcraft case of 1822'
  • Dorothy Slee, 'Deid claes'
  • Alexander G T Turnbull, 'The right of the Crown to treasure trove in Scotland'