Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 23


Cover of the Review of Scottish Culture: Volume 23


  • Iain Fraser, Mark A Hall and Ian G Scott, 'From holy rood to estate folly: chapters in the cultural biography of the Goodlyburn Cross, Perthshire'
  • Aaron Allen, 'Production and the missing artefacts: candles, oils and the material culture of urban lighting in early modern Scotland'
  • John Burnett, 'Material culture and festivity in central and southern Scotland, c.1770-c.1820'
  • Stuart Campbell, 'Defence and defensibility: the material culture of the volunteer movement in Scotland, 1794-1815'
  • Rosalind K Marshall, 'Scotland’s Westminster Abbey: the memorials in St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh'
  • Stana Nenadic and Alima Bucciantini, 'Science or the Man? commemorations of Charles Darwin in Edinburgh'

Shorter Notes

  • Stephen Miller, '"Wherever one goes, there is some old utensil to be picked up": Scottish folk-life objects collected by the Reverend Walter Gregor'
  • Hugh Cheape, 'Song on the good points of a Highland cow'
  • Hugh Cheape, 'Divination by sieve and shears'