Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 25


Cover of Volume 25

Professor Alexander Fenton (1929-2012) CBE

  • Ian A Olson, ‘Alexander Fenton: An Appreciation of his Life and Work’
  • Eszter Kisbán, ‘Alexander Fenton in European Ethnology’
  • Hugh Cheape, ‘Alexander Fenton and the Origins of the Review of Scottish Culture’
  • Donald E Meek, ‘Sandy’


  • Dana Bentley-Cranch and Rosalind K Marshall, ‘Royal Relations: New Light on Iconographical Links between Mary Queen of Scots and Ladies of the French Royal Family’
  • John G Harrison, ‘Houses in Early Modern Stirling: Some Documentary Evidence’
  • Evelyn Stell, ‘The Thomson Music Manuscript: A Commentary on Contents and Context’
  • Katherine Campbell, ‘Eighteenth-Century Scots Song: Stephen Clarke, a Reluctant Pioneer’
  • Per G L Ahlander, ‘Taking “Twa Hours at Hame” to the New World: The Overseas Tours of David Kennedy’s Family Music Troupe in 1866-86’
  • Stephen Miller, ‘”I still hanker after the old study”: The Reverend Walter Gregor as Naturalist’
  • Joshua Dickson, ‘Music Will Out: The Canntaireachd of Mary Ann Lindsay’

Review Article

  • Domhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart, ‘Thankful Village?: The Last of the St Kildans’