Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 19


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 19 cover


  • Michael Bath, 'John Dunstall’s emblems of Mary Queen of Scots'
  • Lizanne Henderson, 'Charmers, spells and holy wells: the repackaging of belief'
  • Andreas Friesenhagen, '"For an obscure music seller": Haydn’s arrangements of Scottish songs'
  • Murray Pittock, 'The Jacobite song: was there a Scottish aisling?'
  • Carol Baraniuk, '‘Ulster’s Burns? James Orr of Ballycarry'
  • Elizabeth Cumming, 'Life’s rich tapestry: Phoebe Anna Traquair’s Progress of a Soul'
  • Jim Black, 'J D Allan and Sons: Allan of Murthly'
  • James R Coull, 'Curing herring aboard in Scotland: an advantage of rapid processing, or a matter of environmental necessity on the west coast of Scotland?'

Shorter Notes

  • Hugh Cheape, 'A national collection of a national instrument'