Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 9


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 9 cover


  • Charles J Burnett, 'Early officers of arms in Scotland'
  • A J Aitken, 'James Murray, master of Scots'
  • John Burnett, 'The Kipper Fair and the Cadger’s Races at Newton-on-Ayr'
  • Thomas Day, 'The construction and maintenance of the Aberdeen-Inverurie Turnpike, 1796-1866: a case study'
  • Heather Holmes, 'The Kirkintilloch bothy fire tragedy of September 16, 1937: an examination of the incident and the resulting legislation'
  • Mowbray Pearson, 'Aspects of farming in Kincardineshire 1779 to 1786, the diary of Dr James Badenach, Balmakewan'
  • Ruth Richens, 'Changes in the physical and social landscape of three Lanarkshire farms during the eighteenth-century agricultural reorganisation'
  • Ian A Olson, 'The influence of nineteenth century migrant workers on the Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection'
  • Keith Williamson, 'A maze of words. The William Will Fellowship Data-base Project'

Shorter Notes

  • Isobel Cramond and Ronnie Cramond, 'Notes on an Edinburgh coaching firm'
  • Owen F Hand, 'Flashbacks: everyday history for our own times'