Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 11


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 11 cover


  • John Burnett and Robert H J Urquhart, 'Early papingo shooting in Scotland'
  • David J Bryden, 'Mr Clerk the graver; a biographical study in the cultural infrastructure of early modern Scotland'
  • Angelo D M Forte, 'Kenning be kenning and course be course. Alexander Lindsay‚Äôs rutter and the problematics of navigation in fifteenth and sixteenth century Scotland'
  • Elizabeth Beaton, 'The Speyside Charity School, Grantown-on-Spey, 1795-1975'
  • Vanessa Habib, 'The Dutch weavers in Scotland, 1731-1752'
  • John G Harrison, 'Drains, middens and cess pits. Public hygiene and drainage in Stirling and other early modern Scottish towns'
  • Anne Gordon, 'The diary of Mr Smith, farmer at Maisondieu, Brechin, Angus, 1794-1801'
  • Harry D Watson'"Poetry Peter" Smith. The fisherman poet of Cellardyke, Fife'
  • Steffen Stumman Hansen, 'Steep hills, strong winds and wealthy sportsmen: Aage Roussell and his journey to the Scottish Isles in 1931'
  • John Beech, 'Hill running in Scotland'

Shorter Notes

  • H Esson, 'A nineteenth-century agriculturist in Orkney'
  • John Burnett, 'Cricket at Balmoral, 1881'
  • John Burnett, 'James Hendy of Newton-on-Ayr'