Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 3

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Review of Scottish Culture Volume 3 cover


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  • Sir John Dewhurst, 'The twin pregnancy of Mary Stewart'
  • David Angus, 'Mary’s marginalia '
  • Rosalind K Marshall , 'The plenishings of Hamilton Palace in the seventeenth century'
  • G F Bigelow, 'Domestic architecture in medieval Shetland'
  • Ian Whyte, 'Agriculture in Aberdeenshire in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries'
  • Rosemary Goring, 'Eighteenth-century Scottish smuggling'
  • Edwin G Macnaughton, 'A Highland pharmacy, 1882-1972'
  • Hugh Cheape, 'The world of a nineteenth-century artist in Scotland'
  • Jack Aitken, 'The Lexicography of Scots: the current position'
  • Lord Binning, 'Three letters from Iceland'
  • John A Harvie-Brown, 'Notes of a trip to the Orkney Islands, June 1863'
  • Harry Finkelstein, 'Scottish herring markets in the Baltic and Russia'
  • Geoffrey Hay, 'Sketching country furniture'
  • Douglas Willis, 'Flowers of Scotland'
  • William Sabiston, 'A primitive bridge in Birsay, Orkney'
  • Axel Steensberg, 'Threshing with flails in West Jutland about 1924'