Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 20


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 20 cover


  • Geoffrey Stell, 'Scotland and Europe 1400-1700: some architectural links'
  • Margaret H B Sanderson, 'Lives of the Scottish cottars, 1585-1620: the evidence of their testaments'
  • Gordon Pentland, 'Hogarth’s Scots'
  • Forbes W Robertson, 'Orchards, fruits and gardeners in early nineteenth-century Scotland'
  • Donald E Meek, 'Early steamship travel from the other side: An 1829 Gaelic account of the Maid of Morven'
  • Irene Maver, 'The rise and fall of the Scottish provost: civic leadership and burgh identity between the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries'
  • Hugh Cheape, 'Touchstones of belief: the charms and amulets collection of the National Museums Scotland'

Shorter Notes

  • John G Dunbar, 'Two drawings from John Slezer's Theatrum Scotiae? Elgin and Fortrose Cathedrals'
  • Gordon K Booth, 'A reluctant convert to feminism: William Robertson Smith and the Edinburgh University ladies' classes'
  • Katherine Campbell, 'The Masons' Walk at Rosehearty'