Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 22


Cover of the Review of Scottish Culture: Volume 22


  • Forbes W Robertson, 'Pears in old Scottish orchards'
  • Alexander Fenton and Roger Leitch, 'Itinerant traders in Scotland'
  • Margaret H B Sanderson, 'Clothing sixteenth-century Scotland: crafts, clothes and clients'
  • Jim Black, '“A neat settlement of weavers”: the planned village of Spittalfield and its Muckle Hoose'
  • Iain S Macdonald, 'William Forbes of Callendar and the Falkirk trysts: notes on some late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century drovers and others'
  • Alistair Mutch, 'Agriculture and empire: General Patrick ‘Tiger’ Duff and the shaping of north-east Scotland'
  • Robert Hay, 'Improvement not clearance: a factor’s instructions to his ground officers on the Isle of Lismore, 1831-46'
  • Heather Holmes, 'The character of the Royal Highland Show, 1870-1900'
  • Ian A Olson, '“The Bonny Lass o’ Fyvie” or “Pretty Peggy of Derby”?'
  • Sarah Bromage and Josephine Anthony, 'Glasgow Printing Trades Amateur Rowing Club'
  • Tiber F M Falzett, 'Aspects of indigenous instrument technologies and the question of the smallpipe in the old and new world Gàidhealtachds'

Shorter Notes

  • Emily Lyle, '“The Tale of the Bold Braband” named in The Complaynt of Scotland'