Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 7


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 7 cover


  • John Dunbar, 'Some sixteenth-century French parallels for the palace of Falkland'
  • James Holloway, 'H A J Munro of Novar'
  • Doreen J Waugh, 'Place-name evidence for Scandinavian settlement in Scotland'
  • Sydney Wood, 'Education in nineteenth-century rural Scotland – an Aberdeenshire case study'
  • Elizabeth Beaton, 'The Sutherland technical school: pioneer education for crofters’ sons'
  • Craig Young, 'Women’s work, family and rural trades in nineteenth-century Scotland'
  • Jean Dundas, 'The delivery book of Lawers Pier of the Lochtay Steamboat Company 1905-1920'
  • Roger Leitch, 'Working lives of the Tay and Earn salmon fishermen'
  • Jonathan Bell, 'Donegal women as migrant workers in Scotland'
  • Hugh Cheape and Ian Fleming, 'Wire weaving by hand. A M Russell’s and the production of wire netting for agriculture'
  • David Alston, 'The Cromarty hemp factory'
  • A Roberts, 'Midges a modern scourge? The evidence of early accounts'