Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 1


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 1 cover


  • T Henderson, 'The wreck of the Lastdrager'
  • A Fenton and C Hendry, 'Wooden tumbler locks in Scotland and beyond'
  • D Macdonald, 'Lewis shielings'
  • A Sharp, 'The clay tobacco pipe collection in the National Museum'
  • R K Marshall, 'Wet-nursing in Scotland: 1500-1800'
  • P Robinson, 'Tenements: a pre-industrial urban tradition'
  • R H Buchanan, 'Box-beds and bannocks: the living past'
  • R C Boud, 'Scottish agricultural improvement societies, 1723-1835'
  • D J Breeze, 'The Romans in Scotland'
  • R G Cant, 'A Scottish Historical Atlas'