Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 4


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 4 cover


  • Alexander Fenton, 'Conserving the heritage'
  • Dana Bentley-Cranch, 'Effigy and portrait in sixteenth-century Scotland'
  • Geoffrey Stell, 'By land and sea in medieval and early modern Scotland'
  • Elizabeth P D Torrie, 'The work of the Scottish Medieval Burgh Survey'
  • David H Caldwell, 'The use and effect of weapons: the Scottish experience'
  • Alison D Morrison-Low, 'Sir David Brewster and photography'
  • Robert Smart, ‘Famous throughout the world: Valentine & Sons Ltd'
  • Una Roberston, 'Pigeons as a source of food in eighteenth-century Scotland'
  • Penelope Walker, 'Bees boles and past beekeeping in Scotland'
  • Mark Dilworth, 'An abortive missionary visit to Fair Isles in 1841'
  • Jean Dundas, 'The diary of James Fyffe'
  • Alfred Kolehmainen, 'Wooden locks from Finland'