Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 8


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 8 cover


  • Jennifer Melville, 'Cauld blaws the Blast across the Moor, an early painting by John MacWhirter rediscovered'
  • Evelyn Stell, 'Lady Jean Campbell’s seventeenth-century music book'
  • Colleen E Batey, 'A Norse horizontal mill'
  • Annette Carruthers, 'Form and function in the Scottish home, 1600-1950'
  • Nancy Hewison, 'The diary of a gardener at Skaill, Orkney: 3 January – 7 May 1801'
  • A D Boney, 'Reparations to the worklooms: eighteenth-century garden tools'
  • Dorothy I Kidd, 'Scotland’s forgotten lumberjills'
  • Margaret H King, 'Marriage and traditions in fishing communities'
  • Gillian Munro, 'Tradition and innovation in the life of a fisherman’s wife on the Buchan coast'
  • Athol L Murray, 'The salmon fishings of Strathnaver, 1558-1559'
  • David B Smith, 'Some decorated curling stones'

Shorter Notes

  • George Bruce, 'The Scottish herring market and the Finkelsteins'
  • N Mayhew, 'Medieval bread in Scotland'
  • John Morrison, 'The Garrabost Meal Mill, Lewis'