Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 14


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 14 cover


  • Priscilla Bawcutt, 'English books and Scottish readers in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries'
  • Vanessa Habib, 'The printed tapestry carpet: the pioneering work of Richard Whytock of Edinburgh 1784-1857'
  • Elia Williamson, 'Horse-racing in Scotland in the sixteenth and earlier seventeenth centuries: Peebles and beyond'
  • John Burnett and Malcolm MacCallum, 'Grangemouth Children’s Day, Bo’ness Fair and Lanimer Day at Lanark'
  • Maurice McCrae, 'The Great Highland Famine and the lack of medical aid'
  • Elaine Thomson, 'The unsung heroines of Victorian feminism: the executive committee of the Edinburgh Hospital for Women and Children, c1885-c1920'
  • Susan Storrier, 'Analysis of some aspects of a farm diary from New Noth, Aberdeenshire, 1801-1850'
  • Susan Sinclair, 'The journal of Donald Sinclair, schoolmaster, Islay, 1835-1871'
  • Robert T Glaister, 'Rural school buildings in the eighteenth century'
  • A D Boney, 'Servants of the Old College, University of Glasgow: misdemeanours and disciplinary methods'
  • Jane Durham and Helen Kemp, 'A wartime threshing machine'

Shorter Notes

  • Alexander Fenton, 'Repairing an Easter Ross mill in 1787'
  • James B M Gibson, 'James Brown Gibson, 5 July 1892-12 July 1914'
  • Kristina Söderpalm and Brian Smith, 'Captain Gustav Ekeberg’s sojourn in Shetland, 1745'