Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 6


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 6 cover


  • Joanna Gordon, 'The objects themselves: a short note on the life and ideas of Angus Graham'
  • Hugh Cheape, 'By word of mouth: Donald Macdonald'
  • S Bruce and S Yearley, 'The de Wet portraits of the Scottish kings'
  • Michael Turnbull, 'Joseph Hislop (1844-1977): a cultural ambassador'
  • Patricia Lysaght, 'Swedish ethnological surveys in the Western Isles of Scotland, 1939, 1948; some data from Ireland'
  • Fionnuala Williams, 'Irish Versions of some proverbs found in Scots'
  • Albert Bil , 'The decline of the shieling tradition in Perthshire'
  • Mark Dilworth, 'The building of the Roman Catholic chapel in Wick 1832-39'
  • Robert B K Stevenson, 'Bettie Burk’s brogues: the making of a relic'