Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 16


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 16 cover


  • James Porter, 'The Margaret Sinkler Music-Book, 1710'
  • Charles McKean, 'Galleries, girnels, yards and the woman house: the ancillary structures of the renaissance country house in Scotland'
  • Margo Todd, 'Kirk, burgh and school: parochial education in post-reformation Scotland'
  • Mark A Hall, 'Some Perthshire fairs and markets, 700-1900'
  • John Burnett, 'Material culture in Scottish and European festivities'
  • Geoffrey N Swinney, '"I am utterly disgusted …" – The Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art effecting moral decline?'
  • Hugh Cheape, '"Fruitful in corn and grass": Martin Martin’s account of material culture reconsidered, 1703-2003'
  • A D Boney, 'Charitable services of the "Old College", University of Glasgow'
  • Alexander Fenton, 'The Easter Ross Farmers’ Club, 1811-1898'
  • James McIntosh, 'By Landaulette to the Highlands, 1820'
  • Malcolm MacCallum, 'Swimming in Scotland in the first half of the twentieth century'

Shorter Notes

  • David G Adams, 'The cottar-house pig in Angus and the Mearns'
  • Hugh Cheape, 'The graddan mill of John Grant'
  • Ian A Olson, 'The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection'