Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 15


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 15 cover


  • Alexander Fenton and Gavin Sprott, 'The Museum of Scottish Country Life'
  • Alexander Fenton, 'How did the pre-improvement landscape and society work? Reconstructing the past through its material culture'
  • Francois Sigaut, 'Farming and rural society in Europe, late eighteenth to late nineteenth centuries: a general perspective'
  • Alexander S Mather, 'European agriculture 1865-1950: feeding an urban population'
  • Duncan Dornan, 'How did – or didn’t – scientific knowledge get into the farming blood-stream?'
  • John Burnett, 'Bacteria and bureaucracy: science, public health and dairy farming'
  • Gary West, 'Land and lyrics: the dynamics of poetry and music in rural society'
  • Ian Campbell, 'Writing the countryside'
  • Alexander Fenton, 'The Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue'
  • Marace Dareau, 'The Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue: an A-Z of its history and nature'
  • Jane Dawson, '"There is nothing like a good gossip": baptism, kinship and alliance in early modern Scotland'
  • Ian Russell, 'Flute bands and their annual walks in north-east Scotland: music, tradition, and community'
  • Elizabeth Beaton, 'Paper sailors and mermaids as house decorations in coastal moray and Banffshire'

Shorter Notes

  • Kathleen Battye, 'Aspects of an English export trade'
  • David W Brown, 'Leaving the land: a job application from 1837'
  • Rob Close, 'A great quantity of glees, duets and songs: a provincial catalogue of sheet music, 1833'