Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 28


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 28 cover


  • Anne R. Fertig and Edward H. Cohen, ‘A Marion Bernstein Manuscript’
  • Edward J. Cowan, ‘The Poetics of Robert Heron’
  • John M. Gilbert, ‘Hunting with Mary Queen of Scots’
  • John G. Harrison, ‘Eel Fisheries in Scotland c.1400-c.1900’
  • Robert Hay, ‘The Minute Book of the Lismore Agricultural Society, 1853-1868: A Window on Improvement on a Hebridean Island’
  • Heather Holmes, ‘Working in Steam Preservation: Steam Ploughing Engines in Scotland’
  • Joanne Jamieson, ‘Keshies and Kamiks: Discovering the Films of Jenny Gilbertson’