Celtic & Scottish Studies

Volume 18


Review of Scottish Culture Volume 18 cover


  • E Patricia Dennison, 'Power and its possessors: the medieval burgh revisited'
  • David H Caldwell, 'Continuity and change in twelfth- and thirteenth-century Scotland: an archaeological view'
  • Donald Wilson, 'An investigation of the consumption dykes of Charleston, Aberdeenshire'
  • Gerard Carruthers, 'The Canongate Burns: misreading Robert Burns and the periodical press of the 1790s'
  • Catriona M M Macdonald, 'The church and the cradle: baptism and visions of childhood in Victorian Scotland'
  • Forbes W Robertson, 'The diary of a nineteenth-century Midlothian garden'
  • Kathryn L Moore, 'Peterhead harbour of refuge: the hazards of planning in changing times'
  • Mark A Mulhern, '"A bridge from the worse to the better": the Gothenburg public-house in Scotland'
  • David Goldie, 'The British invention of Scottish culture: World War I and before'

Shorter Notes

  • Hugh Cheape, 'Lead hearts and runes of protection'