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A group of Edinburgh students is seeking the assistance of alumni for a survey that will aid their research into the commerciality of new LiFi technology.

LiFi, which uses solar energy for wireless communication, is set to benefit millions of people across the world, particularly in rural areas that do not have existing infrastructures for electrical power, the internet and WiFi access.

The technology was developed by a research team at the University led by Professor Harold Haas and in partnership with University spin-out company pureLiFi.


The student project, which is operating independently of Professor Haas, aims to analyse the commercial potential of a new product or service based on LiFI technology and how the commercialisation process should continue.  The students are studying at the University's Business School and are carrying out the research as part of their module in Technology Commercialisation and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

The product market chosen by the group is the television, and the survey aims to understand how users currently use their smart TVs, as well as learn if they perceive a faster internet connectivity via LiFi as a valuable capability. This will help the students to understand whether the pureLiFi company should work on offerings aimed at the TV production market or not.

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If you would like to the help the student group by taking part in the short survey, please do so using the link below. The collected data will only be used in the final project report.

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