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Join us on Instagram @edalumni for 365 days of University of Edinburgh people.

@edalumni on Instagram

We are always looking for new ways to share stories and to illustrate the depth and diversity of the University community.

Our monthly alumni profiles dig into the lives and university experiences of former students, and our coverage of the new alumni insights programme has enabled us to share alumni experiences of job sectors and workplaces.

These longer reads combine advice and memories with humour and reflection. We hope that these stories entertain, occasionally inspire, and are worth your time and attention.


Sometimes all you need is a snapshot. A simple image with a short caption to tell a story. This is where our new Instagram account comes in.

Over the next 365 days we will be sharing the faces of University of Edinburgh people. They will be a mix of current alumni, historical figures, staff, students and friends. The aim is to get to know the whole University community, to draw together each different thread and celebrate the University of Edinburgh in its entirety.

Join us on Instagram and experience instant Edinburgh.

Edinburgh alumni on Instagram

Be here now

The main university Instagram account is like being back in the city. It shares images and videos of campus life, events, and city scenes. Perfect if you need a little slice of the University in your life.

The University of Edinburgh on Instagram

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