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Making connections through alumni groups and networks

Relocating after graduation can be exciting and daunting in equal measure, but being part of a global alumni community of over 300,000 people means you are never far from fellow Edinburgh graduates. Several clubs, groups and networks exist around the world that organise social events and career networking opportunities specifically for Edinburgh alumni.

Alfio Puglisi
Alfio Puglisi, a member of the London Alumni Network

Alfio Puglisi graduated in Economics in 2015 and relocated to London. Here he tells us about his experiences and why he joined the London Alumni Network.

"I chose to study at Edinburgh after one of my sister's friends suggested that I should study in Scotland. I don't regret the decision to take his advice at all. I studied pure Economics and graduated in 2015. My time in Scotland and at the University was so memorable and offered me so many great opportunities. Edinburgh is a truly global university and with so many museums, galleries and events, it is very difficult to get bored or not being enlightened. For me, University is a period of personal growth to understand what your passions are and being able to create something meaningful from your life, and Edinburgh really allowed me to explore my true potential."

After Edinburgh

"After my time in Edinburgh, I moved to London and I started working for the European Banking Authority - an EU supervisory agency - where I gained an understanding of FinTech. That led me to King's College London where I'm currently pursuing a PhD in Political Economy. 

"But after moving to London I really missed the connection to Scotland that I felt through the Univeristy and all those cultural and social opportunities that I mentioned. I found out about the London Alumni Network. It's a well established group of Edinburgh alumni based in London who organise events, panel discussions and social occasions with the aim of connecting alumni to each other and creating a strong support network for Edinburgh graduates who have moved to London.

"The network is a wonderful group of people who come from several backgrounds. I've found it to be a really helpful way to meet new people, discuss career development and really make even more use of my status as an Edinburgh graduate. Since lockdown we have still been planning online ecents, including a virtual pub quiz and we're developing more ideas for activities in partnership with the Scottish museums.

"Moving to a new city can be challenging but London Alumni Network is a group that I have been able to rely on. If you have recently relocated or are planning to, wherever in the world, I would recommend looking for a local Edinburgh alumni network - or even think about starting your own!"

Global community

Graduates of the University of Edinburgh belong to a global community of over 300,000 people. This professional and social network provides a lifetime of support with clubs and contacts across the world, along with a range of groups and resources online.  You can find a group or resource today:

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