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The Edinburgh quiz round

Test your Edinburgh knowledge with these 10 questions. Perfect on your own or in a team - how many will you get right?

Edinburgh view from the Crags with questions marks overlaid
How many of these Edinburgh questions can you get right? (Photo: Yves Alarie on Unsplash)


Can you name the Seven Hills of Edinburgh as featured in the Race and Challenge?


Which breed of dog was Greyfriars Bobby?


In what year did the University of Edinburgh open its doors to students?


One of the University buildings in the central area campus is the oldest building of its type in the world. Can you name it? 


Which Scottish broadcaster and author became the first female Rector of the University in 1988?


In West Princes Street Gardens there is a bronze statue of a Polish soldier with Wojtek. What animal is Wojtek?


Who was named the first winner of the Being Edinburgh Award at the University of Edinburgh in April 2020?

A. Respiratory expert and epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan

B. Music researcher and ethnographer Tom Western

C. Social justice activist Barbara Becnel


Which city in New Zealand gets its name from the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh?


Who is the famous fictional Edinburgh detective created by writer and alumnus Ian Rankin?


In what year did the Edinburgh Fringe Festival begin?


How did you do?


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