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Edinburgh Friends magazine lets the University's supporters know about the real impact of their philanthropic gifts. The latest edition includes articles that reinforce the University's varied and wide-reaching influence in research, teaching and the community.

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From the University’s research into cancer, significant work on eye health, and the impact of arts courses, the magazine highlights how staff and students are making outstanding contributions to the community and, indeed, the world, with the help of generous philanthropic support from alumni and supporters.

How we can make a difference

Published annually, Edinburgh Friends updates donors, supporters and subscribers on a year of University activities and the impact of past philanthropic support and other forms of engagement, ongoing commitment and participation. It highlights pioneering teaching and research and poses questions and shares challenges that the University considers vital in addressing local and global issues.

If you are interested in receiving Edinburgh Friends magazine and would like the latest edition sent to you by post, please contact our office using the details below and we will add you as a subscriber.

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Digital access and new monthly content

Friends magazine is also available online where you can browse or download printed editions and view exclusive online supplements.

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These standalone supplements ensure that the information we provide is up-to-date and responsive to your interests and questions. The digital format also allows us to explore topics in interactive and creative ways that a printed magazine is not able to.

View the Friends online supplements

If you have topics that you would like to see featured in a future online supplement, you can contact the Editor of Edinburgh Friends, Brian Campbell to discuss further.

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Friends past and present

We have been publishing Edinburgh Friends magazine since 2009 and the full archive of past editions can be downloaded from the website.

Visit the Friends archive

We hope that you enjoy the latest edition and appreciate all feedback and suggestions for the 2018 edition and our regular online supplements.

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