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Strengthening our Shanghai community

An event in Shanghai organised by alumna Sherry Wang met great enthusiasm from the vibrant community of Edinburgh graduates in and around the city.

A group of Edinburgh alumni at the Shanghai event

Sherry, who graduated in 2012 with a masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, told us why she thinks it is important to support the University’s alumni activities.

“I want to help enhance the influence of the University of Edinburgh, and involve not only alumni, but also other supporters of the University and Scotland more broadly," she says. "From personal experience, Scotland is not very well known in China and I didn't know enough about the University when I received my offer back in 2011. However, after studying at Edinburgh, I can't be more grateful for my choice. It has changed my life, and I'm proud of Scotland as well as being an alumna of the University of Edinburgh.

Making new connections

More than 100 alumni registered to attend the gathering at Cotton’s Bar – including some who live outside of Shanghai.

The evening was a great opportunity to make new connections, reminisce and discuss the kinds of activities alumni would be interested in getting involved in.

Sherry says: “I was surprised that so many alumni showed up on a weekday night. It took me back to five years ago when I was a student in Edinburgh and meeting people from so many different backgrounds. It wasn't easy to find a place to hold the event, but it was worth all of the effort to see people chatting and taking pictures and the joy on their faces. I am proud that I could help as much as possible.”

MSc Ecological Economics graduate Lynn Fan, who helped organised the event, adds: “It has been amazing to have support from many different groups of people - it brought friends, new and old, together.  It is so lovely to see that no matter how long ago they graduated from the University, they still became excited when people were talking about things like the Meadows, KB and the main library.  We even met a girl who was about to go to study at Edinburgh – and we were very jealous!”

We met a girl who was about to go to study at Edinburgh – and we were very jealous!

Lynn Fan (MSc Ecological Economics 2015)

Lifelong Community

Every year, we welcome more than 2,000 students from China and Hong Kong, and we are delighted that graduates from this region continue to have a lifelong relationship with the University.

With the help of alumni volunteers, such as Sherry, we hope to be able to facilitate even more alumni activities around the world.

International groups

With more than 260,000 graduates, our global alumni network enables people to grow personal and professional networks. We are also grateful to our alumni volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to host alumni events on our behalf in more than 50 locations.

If you would like to find out if there is an alumni club or group in your area, please visit the dedicated webpages:

Edinburgh Global Community

More information

If you would like further information, please get in touch with Emily Bateman, Global Alumni Coordinator.

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