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Words of wisdom from North American alumni

Events aimed at recruiting students have served as a platform for our alumni to offer their advice and guidance.

North American student recruitment event
North American student recruitment event

Every March, Edinburgh Global, the University's hub for international activity, holds a series of student recruitment events across North America, and our alumni are invited to take part.


By sharing their positive experiences of Edinburgh with prospective students the events have proven to be an excellent opportunity for students to hear first-hand accounts about the University and to ask questions about everything from visas to accommodation, and, of course, the weather.

The University is extremely grateful to the alumni who offer their time and support. This year, more than 40 alumni volunteered to attend the events which were held in the following 12 locations:

  • Toronto, ON
  • Boston, MA
  • New York City, NY
  • Washington, DC
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Houston, TX                                                                    
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Denver, CO
  • Seattle, WA
  • Pasadena, CA
  • San Francisco, CA

The alumni view

Here’s what three of our alumni had to say about the experience of speaking at the events:

David Walker
David Walker

David Walker History MA (1981) & Arts MSc (1985)                       

“Speaking with prospective students at a recent University of Edinburgh recruitment event in San Francisco brought back a flood of happy memories as well as all the excitement of starting my own freshman year at Edinburgh, nearly 40 years ago: making new friends from all over the world; challenging and stimulating classes; the rich intellectual and cultural life of the great international city of Edinburgh. Hearing compelling speakers such as Foreign Secretary Dr David Owen and seeing Thin Lizzy at the Odeon were other highlights. I hope the high school students I spoke with caught my continuing great enthusiasm for the University!”        

Steph Jones Evolution of Language and Cognition MSc (2010)

“After I returned home from a semester in Edinburgh as a study abroad student, I remember getting a message saying that even though I had only been enrolled for a few months, I was now a part of the University alumni community. That message of inclusion and welcoming spirit has always stuck with me; it is part of what encouraged me to return to Edinburgh for my MSc and one of the main reasons why I make a point of participating in recruitment events now. Edinburgh challenged me to share ideas and be a part of, without being intimidated by, its impressive academic legacy. Edinburgh is also where I met my best friends and where I first tried some of my now-favourite hobbies. Edinburgh gave me a place to belong and it is important to me that incoming students get that same welcome encouragement, and sense of community that made my experience in Edinburgh so special.”        

Brittany Howlett
Brittany Howlett

Brittany Howlett  English Language MSc (2012)

“As a proud University of Edinburgh alumna, I feel it’s important to share my experiences about my time living and studying in Edinburgh so that incoming students will know not only that they’ve made an excellent choice, but also what to expect and how they can make the most of their time there. I know how many questions I had before leaving to do my MSc, and talking to former students was really helpful. It feels good to pay it forward while also supporting the University in its recruitment efforts. Events like these strengthen my connection to the University (and make me miss it too!).”

Get involved

If you would like to support the University’s overseas recruitment activities, please get in touch with Emily Bateman, the Global Alumni Coordinator:

Email Emily Bateman

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