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Q&A: Liv gives reassurance to current students

Liv Laumenech is a 2015 graduate of Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curating, Criticism and now works as Public Art Officer in the Centre for Research Collections. She recently took part in the University's Creative and Cultural Careers Festival, offering advice to current students interested in her field of work. We asked her about the experience.

Olivia Launmench

Why have you chosen to take part in these events? Is alumni advice something you yourself benefitted from while a student?

As a student, I found advice from alumni and other graduates really useful in planning for further education and career insight. It was often through chatting to someone or hearing a person talk about their education and professional path that gave me real perspective. I would love to think that I could help a current student or future graduate like this in some way.

Why is it so important that students hear from graduates who have gone on to have successful careers?

Apart from sending out a message of hope and reassurance to students (and here I suppose that is particularly true for those studying in areas where finding employment can be a bit harder), but also hearing about all the different range of careers that exist, can also bring quite a lot of excitement and anticipation, which I think is really important. 

Why would you like to help Edinburgh students? Do you believe our Edinburgh education is a unique one?

Yes, my experience was a really fantastic one, and I would hope to try and help anyone who is studying here in order to give them as much information as possible so that they might be able to hit the ground running while they are studying here or after they leave. Being able to share insights and tips about some of the amazing aspects and opportunities that are available to students here in Edinburgh, like Employ.ed internships and the eclectic and vast collections at the University that I am now working with daily, are important in helping to convey how studying at Edinburgh is unique, enjoyable and really worthwhile. 

Which moments or activities during your studies really influenced your subsequent career choices and opportunities?

Taking part in extra-curricular activities and not being solely focused on the 'professional path'. 

What do you wish you’d known as a student? 

Knowing that varied work experience is hugely beneficial, and also that trips to the pub or breaks are important and not something to always be guilty about. 

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