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From organising rugby matches and unique talks from scholars and Scottish poets, to sharing experiences, advice and stories with incoming students at University recruitment and pre-departure events, the Boston Alumni Club works to build a community that has something for everyone. We take a closer look at this thriving group.

Members of the Boston Alumni Club
Max Luckey, left, president of the club, and, right, members at an event

Currently, the club is governed by a four-person committee that works closely with the University's North American Office to stay connected to the University and foster relationships with the alumni community in Boston, as well as the greater New England area.

New members

One of those four is Max Luckey, a graduate of Philosophy and Politics, and president of the club. Max is enthusiastic about the future of the club and is looking forward to welcoming new members. He's also keen to continue a series of innovative events.

"With an increasing number of alumni arriving in the Boston area, our group is growing more and each year," says Max. "So we're all looking forward to more members and more participation. New members can be sure to find an interesting social calendar – I can't give away too many details yet, although clues about next month's event include savoury pies and drinks. All upcoming events can be found on our Facebook page. Check it out and join us!"

Max is joined by Steph Jones and Isha Vicaria, both of whom joined the University as study abroad students before returning to do their masters, and Creative Writing graduate Dan Preiser.

A club for all

The club has already hosted several high-profile speakers, including Professor Sir Timothy O’Shea, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University. Events have included a day of Scottish Dancing hosted by the Boston Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, and a pub golf meeting. 

"We really are trying to create a club for all," says Max. "Ultimately the goal is to make and maintain lasting and meaningful connections between alumni in the Boston area, and if we can have some fun along the way, then all the better."

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