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Alumni support for European postgraduates

Alumni volunteers have been helping the University’s Student Recruitment Officers in attracting new postgraduate students from mainland Europe.

Photo of University staff talking to students at the 2015 Postgraduate Study Roadshow

The ‘Meet Us Where You Are’ events, which took place throughout the continent, saw graduates share stories of their experiences and subsequent careers. Many of the concerns felt by those considering postgraduate study at Edinburgh were allayed, and it was also an opportunity to showcase the benefit an Edinburgh education can have on future careers and academic study.

Heart and soul 

Senior Student Recruitment Officer Kristin Sargeant was delighted with the involvement of alumni.

 “The alumni who have helped us this year have been the heart and soul of these events," she says. "The stories that they share – both formally during the presentation as well as informally during the networking receptions  are the most positively received part of the evening. One attendee even referred to it as an ‘enriching experience'.”   

Career prospects

One of the major concerns of prospective students is employability and how a postgraduate education could enhance their future prospects. Having alumni talk about their successful career paths in different sectors proved to be inspiring to those who attended.

Kristin says: “Employability and work experiences are extremely important to our applicants, and while everyone’s experience will differ, our alumni are the best placed to tell applicants how an Edinburgh degree has helped them in life after university.”

Get involved

If you would like to support the University’s overseas recruitment activities, please get in touch with Emily Bateman, Global Alumni Coordinator:

Email Emily Bateman

Useful links

The University has published a booklet on its position as a leading European university: 

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