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Do you dream of solving a Rubik’s Cube? Have you always wanted to paint using microbes or learn to upcycle? Then join us for Innovative Learning Week in February.

Innovative Learning Week

Innovative Learning Week (ILW) offers a relaxed and supportive environment and aims to inspire, support, and celebrate creative learning.

Over the past five years, ILW has hosted nearly 2,000 events and this year they have decided to curate the festival around a main theme: Ideas in Play. Not only are ideas constantly at play and in movement, but they require imagination, creativity, and openness.

Over the course of the week, there is the opportunity for alumni to take part in almost 150 staff and student-run events across the University.

ILW is a great opportunity for alumni to gather, play, and experiment with creative learning.  It is about more than the classroom and what we learn in books – it is about getting your hands dirty and taking your learning out into the wild. Alumni have a great deal to offer the University and we hope that they take advantage of the Ideas in Play programme this year.

Johanna HoltanStrategic Projects Officer, Institute for Academic Development

What could you do?

If you fancy taking the world of gaming by storm then the ‘Learn to Code’ workshop at CodeBase is the place to start. Here you take part in a hands-on workshop about coding that will introduce you to the basics of computer programming and allow you to collaborate with others to build your own game.

Coding is a powerful skill that can accelerate the career development of both professionals and alumni pursuing further studies. Alumni can contribute to the learning experience of University of Edinburgh students by sharing their professional experiences and putting them to use when developing programs together in the workshop.

Areti ManatakiCodeBase


For our alumni outside of Edinburgh, there are opportunities to participate in various off-campus activities. Try playing the online game ‘Edinburgh is Everywhere’ that celebrates the borderless nature of the university or ‘Teacherbot Takes Over’ where you can create a ‘teacherbot assistant’, automated teaching applications that respond to issues, concerns and interests that they see as being important.

Further information

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To view the full programme please visit the Innovative Learning Week website.

To book an event online you will need your MyEd Alumni Portal login details to hand. When prompted to enter a username and password simply enter your Portal details and you will be taken to the event booking page.

If you have not registered as a MyEd Alumni Portal user you can find out how to do so by visiting our support page. Alternatively you can contact the event organiser directly. Contact details are available on each event page.

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