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Sharing things, the podcast, returns for season two with seven new candid conversations between University of Edinburgh people.

Sharing things season two headshots
Get to know these Edinburgh people better with Sharing things, the podcast.

In early 2020, we invited unacquainted pairs of Edinburgh students, alumni and staff members to meet for informal, spontaneous conversations.

Each person brought along a meaningful object to act as a catalyst for conversation, sparking anecdotes, observations and confessions about everything from early internet nostalgia to evocative smells and Shetlandic poetry.

These conversations now make up season two of our podcast, Sharing things.

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Getting to know people better is at the heart of this podcast and although the Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly affected our priorities and routines, this desire to connect is as strong as ever.

Below, we've picked out some snippets that have particularly resonated with us, or taken on new meanings, since life in lockdown.

“My internet was a lovely place”

From episode 2.1 Max and Melissa

Science media producer Max Sanderson and Melissa Terras, Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage, kick off season two with chat about sexy science, flea markets mysteries, early internet nostalgia and more.

 I went to a phase of grieving for my internet because my internet was a lovely place where not many bad things happened...

Melissa TerrasProfessor of Digital Cultural Heritage

“Everyone's doing the best they can

From episode 2.2 Ellen and Rachel

Disabled Students' Officer, Ellen Blunsdon, and the founder of Menopause Café, Rachel Weiss, talk about dying and not dying, familial love, ketchup splatters and more.

 I just try to believe that everyone's doing the best they can yeah with the resources they have been given, whatever they were brought up with, or whatever shit they're going through at the moment...

Rachel WeissFounder of Menopause Café and Rowan Consultancy

"There is no such thing as an adult"

From episode 2.3 Shy and Jamie

Second-year law student Shy Zvouloun and Jamie Crawford, writer, broadcaster and law alumnus, talk about crossing borders, revisiting the past, favourite childhood media and more.

I think one of the things, having children now is, is you start to inhabit two places at once. You reinhabit childhood, because you start to see things again through their eyes, but then you also have a different understanding of your own parents and-- I mean, the reality is that there is no such thing as an adult.

 I think that's, that's what you realise. They're just people who've got older, who've got the same issues, the same problems and just more responsibilities to deal with but no one ever really grows up.

Jamie CrawfordWriter, publisher and broadcaster


Upcoming season two episodes

2.4 Peter and Christine (30 April)

Peter Mathieson and Christine De Luca talk about early memories and unexpected generosity. Christine also treats us to a poem in English and Shetlandic.

2.5 SJ and Mona (7 May)

SJ Sandhu and Mona Siddiqui talk about the flying frisbee of death, evocative smells and taking ownership of faith.

2.6 Niamh and Hollie (14 May)

Niamh Martin-McGarrigle and Hollie Davidson talk about social media trolls, changing paths, finding confidence in yourself and more.

2.7 Andrew and Jennifer (21 May)

Andrew Wilson and Jennifer Culbertson talk about linguistics, widening participation, borrowing doggies and more.

Where to listen to Sharing things

We’re excited to share these conversations with you – our first season is shortlisted for the Guardian University Awards 2020 – and we’d love to hear what you make of them. Feel free to send a tweet using #SharingThingsPodcast or message us through our feedback form.

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