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Reminder: General Council Business Committee nominations

Are you interested in becoming a member of the General Council Business Committee? It's your opportunity to learn more about the working of the University at a time of change, and to guide the programme for the General Council, the alumni body that contributes to its governance.

The committee's agenda is broad and we need a breadth of skills, experience and backgrounds to fulfil our role. We are lucky to have an alumni community that offers us just that, so we encourage everyone to consider the role and to nominate.

The General Council and the committee

To get an idea of how the General Council fits into the University structure, the work it carries out, and its events, please take a look at the information on its website:

The General Council

And if you would like some insight into what it's like to be a member of the Business Committee, you can hear from graduates who have served as members in our special feature:

Members tell us why you should consider joining the Business Committee

Call for nominations

In February 2021 there will be an election for five members of the General Council’s Business Committee. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the General Council website. They can also be requested by e-mail from the General Council Office:

Completed nomination forms must be returned to the General Council Office by 5pm, 18 November 2020.

Voting in the elections

Information about candidates will then appear on the General Council website and in Billet, and voting will commence 5 January 2021.

The poll will close at 5pm on 2 February 2021, and the result will be announced at the General Council Half Yearly meeting.

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