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Giving voice to alumni in the University community: General Council Business Committee nominations

The General Council, the official voice of the University's graduates, is seeking to elect five members to its business committee, offering graduates the chance to get involved in the work of the University.

The University of Edinburgh, like much of the Higher Education sector in the UK, is now facing major challenges: The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has created financial pressures and driven an urgent rethinking of teaching, learning and working on campus. Against the broader context of Brexit, and wider geopolitical issues such as climate change, this disruptive time places the University in one of the most challenging situations in recent memory.

Alumni contribution

Difficult decisions and choices are inevitable but our University views this time of crisis as an opportunity for adaptation and renewal – and values the contribution alumni can make to ensuring the future wellbeing and prosperity of our alma mater.

By joining the General Council’s Business Committee you can be directly involved with key stakeholders who are engaged in steering our great institution to ensure positive progress in these uncertain times.

The details

  • This year we are seeking to recruit five new members to the Business Committee, and nominations are open to all members of the General Council. The Committee is a diverse, experienced and enthusiastic group.  
  • You can nominate by downloading and completing the form  
  • Due to current circumstances the General Council office is operating online only. Nominations should be returned electronically. Any further information or queries should be addressed to the General Council office by email
  • The closing date for nominations is 18 November 2020.

What happens next?

After the closing date of 18 November a list of nominees will be posted on the General Council website. Members of the General Council will then be able to vote online in January.

Registering for a postal vote

Please note that those already registered as postal voters will receive their ballot papers with Billet as usual. Those wishing to register as a postal voter must do so by Wednesday 18 November by contacting the General Council office by email.

Choosing to change to online voting from postal vote

Previously registered postal voters who wish in future to vote online should also register with the General Council office by Wednesday  18 November to be able to do so. Please register through the General Council office by email.

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