New Students

Access support services and ask for help

Your health and wellbeing are really important. Our support and advice services are available to support you during your academic journey with us.

Academic support

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How to access study skills resources and apply for extensions, learning adjustments and special circumstances.

Study skills support

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We offer a range of facilities and services to assist you with your academic progress and development. Follow the links below to find out more information on what is on offer.

Advice and peer support

One to one meeting
We provide a wide range of support services, from consulting assistance with your studies, to dealing with accommodation concerns.

Student wellbeing services

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We provide a range of services to support your wellbeing during your academics.

Manage your wellbeing

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As you prepare to start your studies at university, you may be excited and also a bit apprehensive. Evidence suggests that the following five steps can improve your mental wellbeing.

Financial support

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If you are needing financial support during your time at University, there are a number of resources at the University available to help.