The Chaplaincy is a safe and welcoming service for people of all faiths and none


In line with current government restrictions, The Chaplaincy on-site provision will remain closed until further notice. We will continue to offer drop-ins, courses and events online during this period. The Listening Service will continue to be available for any students or staff who would like to speak to a Chaplain.

We would like to highlight that if discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief has affected you, you are always welcome to discuss concerns with the Chaplaincy.

Our Chaplaincy Team can be contacted by email and phone. Please go to our Who We Are section for contact details for our Chaplains and our administrative staff. 

We offer a variety of lunchtime sessions, courses and events. We are pleased to be able to offer these online, and also a few events on campus. Please go to our Events pages for a weekly overview and more information on how you can get involved. 

Our events and resources, including Multifaith and Belief provision, the Listening Service, and Mindfulness programme, are open to all UoE students and staff. They continue to be available to those who are signed off sick or have taken an interruption of studies.

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The Chaplaincy is for all faiths and none. 

Our team covers a wide variety of beliefs, including Humanism, Daoism, Paganism and all major world religions. 

You don't have to be religious or spiritual to attend events at the Chaplaincy or use our services. 

All are welcome.

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Events at The Chaplaincy

The Chaplaincy will be hosting a range of events in Welcome week and throughout Semester 1. We will be offering a number of our regular lunchtime drop-ins live-online using Zoom, Collaborate or Microsoft Teams but we will also be offering our Holy Communion and Capacitar Tai Chi in person on campus. 

Click here to see our weekly overviews for more information and details of how you can join can be found here. 

The Listening Service operates through the University Chaplaincy, for students or staff who want to touch base on any concerns or anxieties, or are looking for a timely or purposeful conversation. Conversations can be held in a variety of places, and could be over coffee or a walk.

How to get in touch

The Listening Service offers appointments 9-5pm on weekdays, please email, and is currently also offering 24/7 support for urgent matters. To contact the Listening Service out of hours, please phone University Security on 0131 6502257.

Get to know our team here at The Chaplaincy. We are made up of our Chaplaincy staff, Chaplains and support staff, as well as our diverse Honorary Chaplain and Belief contact team. Details of how to contact members of our team can be found on their profiles.

Our Chaplaincy Staff - Chaplains and support staff. 

Our Multifaith and Belief team - Honorary Chaplains and Belief Contacts. 

Faith and worship facilities near the University of Edinburgh

The University Multi-faith and Belief Chaplaincy provides pastoral and spiritual support, courses and spiritual practices, for students and staff of all faiths and none

Details of faith and worship facilities on and near the University campus can be found here.

For more information on religions and belief traditions please click here

We have a variety of student religion and belief groups who meet in The Chaplaincy, click here for more information.

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The University of Edinburgh Mindfulness programme at the Chaplaincy offers a wide range of resources, from free lunch-time drop-ins to monthly day retreats, led by Dr Kitty Wheater, Mindfulness Chaplain.

Click here to read more about our Mindfulness provision at The Chaplaincy.

We also offer Mindfulness courses open to all staff and students. 

The weekly MindLetter consists of an email, with a theme for reflection.