The Chaplaincy is a safe and welcoming space for people of all faiths and none

We would like to highlight that if discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief has affected you, you are always welcome to discuss concerns with the Chaplaincy.

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The Chaplaincy is for all faiths and none.  Our team covers a wide variety of beliefs, including Humanism, Daoism, Paganism and all major world religions.  You don't have to be religious or spiritual to attend events at the Chaplaincy or use our services.  All are welcome.

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A Multi-Faith and Belief Statement in Support of EU Migrant Workers and Their Families Since the Referendum

Truth and Myth about Darwinism and Christianity

This lecture on Tuesday 6th March 2018 will be delivered by Professor John Hedley Brooke.  It will be the second in a major lecture series shared between the Universities of Edinburgh and St Andrews, funded by the John Templeton Foundation and the Blankemeyer Foundation, focusing on science, religion, and human flourishing.

Professor Brooke is a distinguished historian of science, with special interests in the history of chemistry and the historical relations between science and religion.  More information and the link to book tickets are available from the event page.

If you need to talk to a chaplain urgently, call Security on 0131 650 2257 to talk to the on-call chaplain. Otherwise, please email or phone us to make an appointment (please see the contact page).

Our multi-faith team of chaplains and belief contacts is available to offer sensitive, impartial support in any situation.

We offer personal support, religious support and spiritual support to staff and students of all faiths and none.

Emergency support

The Listening Service

The Listening Service operates through the University Chaplaincy, for students or staff who want to touch base on any concerns or anxieties, or are looking for a timely or purposeful conversation. Conversations can be held in a variety of places, and could be over coffee or a walk.

How to get in touch: Drop in at the Chaplaincy Centre in Bristo Square (next to the EUSA shop), where the Receptionist will be able to direct you. Or, email Or telephone 0131 650 2595.

Dis-mything: You don't have to be religious to use the Chaplaincy. The Chaplaincy is not only for students; it's for staff too.

Current Exhibition

The next exhibition which will be on display in the Bristo Square Chaplaincy is "Our Story: A History of Edinburgh Faith Communities".

This dynamic exhibition, co-ordinated by Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association (EIFA), aims to raise knowledge and awareness of the many religious groups existing in Edinburgh today.  It showcases the interconnectedness of communities' histories and celebrates the diversity of this city.  The Exhibition will run on weekdays from 10am to 4pm, from Wednesday 14th to Wednesday 28th February.

Previous Exhibition

Spokes 40th Anniversary Exhibition from Tuesday 23rd January to Thursday 8th February, weekdays from 10am to 4pm.

Spokes has been promoting cycling as everyday transport for 40 years.  This exhibition celebrated these four decades and looked forward to the future.