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May 2014 | Alumni Profiles

This month is all about extra curricular activities and how getting involved with clubs and societies can really pay off when it comes to your career.

We are interested in the role that the University has played in your life, either directly - in terms of skills and knowledge - or indirectly, via friends, experiences or chance encounters.

Please get in touch and you and your experiences could feature on our website.

From the Student to the Sydney Morning Herald. English Literature and Latin graduate, Harriet Cunningham takes us through the journey.

Counting bibs and cones for EUAFC has ultimately led David Hesse to Florida where he is now responsible for over 900 elite athletes.

East Asia enthusiast Ewan Leaver is striving to discover fresh experiences in new and unfamiliar surroundings after graduating in 2013.

Musician and performer Ingrid Sawers explains how she followed a career path linked to her involvement in clubs and societies, and not her degree.

Beth Thomas works as World Heritage Site Coordinator at Stonehenge. A love of her degree and an aptitude for operational management led her to the position.

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