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Ewan Leaver

East Asia enthusiast Ewan Leaver is striving to discover fresh experiences in new and unfamiliar surroundings after graduating in 2013.

Name Ewan Leaver
Degree Course MEng Electronic Engineering & Computer Science
Year of Graduation 2013

Your time at the University

Ewan Leaver

Hailing from the highlands of Scotland, picturesque Edinburgh had always been well known to me, and its prestigious university seemed like the obvious choice for my education. Little did I know how it would influence my life.

Suddenly exposed to fascinating new teaching and even more fascinating people, my world ballooned in size, yet remained nestled between Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh Castle.

The wide variety of societies on offer at the university opened my mind to the variety and possibilities outside of rural Scotland. An interest in Eastern Asia quickly took hold, providing powerful motivation and goals during my university career. I became an activate member of the Japanese Society, eventually becoming president in my final year and sharing my own enthusiasm and fascinations with others.

On my first day of university I made a friend, who later became my closest friend, and then my first girlfriend. We shared in much our experiences and discovery of university life, which made everything even more worthwhile and enjoyable. In later university years I volunteered at local primary schools to encourage aspirations of education beyond high school. Furthermore, I was offered the fantastic opportunity to undertake a highly interesting engineering internship outside London in my later years of university.

Such a colourful host of experiences and memories made it very difficult to face the realisation that I would eventually be leaving Edinburgh. However it has provided me with quite the springboard into graduate life, with strong ambitions and a powerful bond with the city which will stay with me for life. I could not have asked for any more.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

Even during my time at Edinburgh University, I long aspired to step further out of my comfort field and continue my learning. Through my strong interests in Japan, this has culminated in my current job as a Network Engineer in Tokyo.

Suddenly exposed to fascinating new teaching and even more fascinating people, my world ballooned in size, yet remained nestled between Arthur's Seat and Edinburgh Castle.

Ewan Leaver

Still fresh out of the University lecture halls, my graduate life is far from fixed or established as I strive to discover fresh experiences in my new and unfamiliar surroundings.

Simultaneously keen to maintain my link to Edinburgh however, I have been quick to become heavily involved in a number of Scotland orientated groups in Tokyo. Creating events and experiences for others became a passion of mine at university, but I was hardly going to leave such a talent behind. Being put in such an exciting position, it's hard to see where I might be in even a couple of years.

My aim is to find my own source of value to the people around me, and eventually to the world at large. Let's see where my Edinburgh-based background leads me next.

Alumni wisdom

Learn a language. You never know where it might lead you, or what people you'll meet. Whether you're chasing a crazy dream or simply want to learn something new, pick up a textbook and get studying. As well as being a great way to find motivation and practice for language learning, joining a cultural society at the University instantly throws open doors to new social opportunities.

Native speakers are always thrilled to help others learn their language, and almost everyone in the society will share your interests. Be prepared to make some of your closest university friends.

Make the most of your flexible student years before you are tied to a rigid 9 to 5 schedule. You'll never have this opportunity again!