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Claire Corbin

Claire Corbin was named Paralegal of the Year at both the Law Awards of Scotland 2012 and the Scottish Legal Awards 2013. Here she tells us how her time at Edinburgh has stayed with her since graduation.

Name Claire Corbin
Degree Course MSc by Research History of Art
Year of Graduation 2010

Your time at the University

Claire Corbin

I completed my undergraduate degree with the Open University. Having achieved a first class for my BA (Hons), I spoke to my tutor about the possibility of a humble OU student undertaking a research degree at Edinburgh. I received only encouragement and support of the highest level thereafter.

My tutor put me in touch with Jill Burke, a renowned lecturer in Renaissance Art History, directly. I was assisted by her to secure an AHRC scholarship and University Bursary to undertake an MSc by research investigating female festival costume in Renaissance Venice and Florence during the late sixteenth century.

I graduated in 2010 and now look back on my time at the University as a turning point both professionally and personally. And I will always be grateful to Jill for her mentorship.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

Although I chose not to pursue an academic career but instead return to the law, my subsequent contact with the University has been equally invaluable and enriching in my professional life.

I finished my MSc and immediately completed a qualification with Strathclyde University as a Corporate Paralegal, whilst working for MBM Commercial LLP. My co-ordination of the firm’s sponsorship of Engage Invest Exploit gave me the opportunity to work with the School of Informatics’ Informatics Ventures team. In conjunction with other partners, the work Informatics Ventures undertakes to commercialise emerging technological advances made by the University and secure investment for the start-ups and spin-outs which they facilitate is outstanding.

I graduated in 2010 and now look back on my time at the University as a turning point both professionally and personally.

Claire Corbin

Having recently left Edinburgh, I now work in England at the headquarters of Dialight Plc, a FTSE company with operations globally. However, I retain a great affection and admiration for the city of Edinburgh, the University and all there with whom I have come into contact. I hope not to lose touch with any of them.

Alumni wisdom

Four things. Firstly, whatever your chosen discipline, remain open to the contribution that collaboration with other disciplines can make. Take risks with your thinking, they pay off.

Secondly, network, network, network! In person, via social media, any way you can but learn how to do it and keep doing it.

Thirdly, keep learning. Wring every opportunity you have to do so out of life. Your graduation is just the start of the journey and it shouldn’t stop until your last breath. It is what makes life an adventure and is the best youth dew I know.

And finally, in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, when the going gets tough, as it inevitably will on any journey worth making, “just keep swimming!”.

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