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Jeffrey Izzo

American graduate Jeffrey Izzo explains how a dream to work in education was realised by studying at the University’s School of Music.

Name Jeffrey Izzo
Degree Course MMus Composition
Year of Graduation 2010
Jeffrey Izzo

Your time at the University

I chose to spend ten months in Scotland, pursuing my Master of Music in Composition at the University of Edinburgh primarily because of the opportunity to study with my Supervisor, internationally renowned composer Nigel Osborne.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my educational and professional careers. The breadth of experiences, especially the international dimension of the programme and the synergy of styles and techniques between my fellow postgraduates and me, are ones I really don't believe I would have found at an institution in the United States. Add to these the fact that I got to live and breathe the artistic, intellectual, historical, and romantic mecca that is Edinburgh - one of the greatest cities of the world - and the end result is a life experience that I doubt I will ever duplicate.

But ultimately my most cherished memory from studying at Edinburgh is the wealth of friendships with my brilliant fellow postgrads that continues to this day. The University of Edinburgh granted me admission to an international community that I hope to remain a member of for the rest of my life.


The University of Edinburgh granted me admission to an international community that I hope to remain a member of for the rest of my life.

Jeffrey Izzo

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

The chief impetus for pursuing postgraduate studies in music was my goal of seeking a career in academia. When beginning the MMus programme in 2009, in addition to being a musician my entire life, I had been an entertainment and media attorney for 16 years, but I truly wanted to make a career change into the field of education. Following my graduation from Edinburgh in 2010, I have been extremely fortunate to be successful in this quest.

I am soon to begin my third year in an assistant professorship post in the area of music business and industry (a tenure track position at Middle Tennessee State University), an area of scholarship that revolves around the study of copyright, contracts, artist management, and other legal and business matter relevant to the music industry. The academic setting also allows me to continue my composition and musical theatre activities. All of this is especially gratifying, as my career now combines my educational and professional backgrounds in both music and law.

In any event, I am positive I would not be on this road to fulfilling my goal were it not for my studies at the University of Edinburgh.

Alumni wisdom

Take advantage of everything that the University of Edinburgh has to offer - the peerless faculty, the perspectives of your fellow students from around the world, the University's amazing library and other facilities, and last but not least , the city of Edinburgh itself. And don't be afraid to take risks and follow your aspirations.

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