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Paramita Das

Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art's MA in Film Directing, Paramita Das has continued her work as a filmmaker and artist.


Paramita Das

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MA Film Directing

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Paramita Das

Your time at the University

The story of every moment, of every state of being is why I wanted to learn. The Scottish Documentary Institute and Edinburgh College of Art’s impact on the world of documentary filmmaking inspired me to apply for the course in Film Directing at ECA. Another inspiration was the vibrant history of Scotland, its cultural heritage and connection with India.

Whilst studying in Edinburgh I used to visit the seaside and islands as I was trying to make a film about the lighthouse keepers of Scotland. I treasure all the memories of meeting people whilst in search for the lighthouse keepers, though the film remained incomplete.

The friends I met in Edinburgh are still in my life and they will remain in my life forever. They are the most caring, loving and dependable friends and despite being thousands of miles away from each other they remain with me in the loneliest times.

Edinburgh is known as a refuge for the muses and indeed, it carved my path as an artist-filmmaker since graduating...

Paramita Das

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

Prior to Edinburgh, I had worked as Commissioning Producer-Creative Director for award-winning film productions in the film and television industry in India, Bangladesh, and Singapore since 2000. I came to Edinburgh College of Art to study Film Directing as a Charles Wallace India Trust awardee in 2010.

Edinburgh is known as a refuge for the muses and indeed, it carved my path as an artist-filmmaker since graduating in 2011 and despite moving away from the city, I still feel part of it. One year in Edinburgh, to me, was an open shoreline of knowledge. I wandered around, wild, happy and free across the coastal routes of Scotland. The close relationship I developed with the city was the inspiration for me to make the film I always wanted to and I am working at the intersection of documentary film, photography, performance, and experimental cinema.

Documentary as an art form and moving image fascinated me to look at life and beyond. The sense of freedom and love I received from my mentors and friends and everybody else in that one year gave me the courage to have a dialogue with this life, to live and work with passion and honesty. It is a long journey ahead and I have only begun. 

Since graduation, I have exhibited my works with some of the leading contemporary artists and filmmakers in India, US, UK, other parts of Europe and Africa. One year in Edinburgh has made me realise that one of the joys of life is in being interconnected and interdependent without borders and barriers.

Alumni wisdom

It usually takes a lifetime to meet the mentors we dream of but I met my mentors at Edinburgh College of Art. As life moved on, over the course of next few years, I realised that they mentored me to show and share my inner world and life with the rest of the world as an artist and filmmaker. Therefore, I would like to say to the current students that the affectionate support and empathy that we receive from our mentors is a precious gift and is something to be remembered forever.

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