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Ama Akuamoah

Ghana-based Africa and International Development graduate Ama Akuamoah fits being an alumni volunteer around running a business and lecturing part time.


Ama Akuamoah


MSc Africa and International Development

Year of Graduation 2013

Your time at the University  

Ama Akuamoah

Choosing the University of Edinburgh was an easy decision; the calibre of professors and various opportunities within the institution persuaded me to pursue joining this community. My vision for my masters degree was to expand on my existing knowledge about Africa and her development. The MSc African and International Development programme with the option of a placement meant there was an opportunity to put the knowledge garnered over the period of study to practical use.

Some of my favourite memories were the evenings of sitting and talking all things African politics with PhD students and sometimes faculty members of the Centre of African Studies.

As someone who had come back to school after working for some years, Edinburgh provided avenues for academic support that enabled me to get the best out of the experience.

For my final research paper, l chose to undertake primary research. I got great support from professors in the department who weren’t even my supervisors. From asking about which journals or books to read to seeking a sounding board for some of my arguments, there were faculty members and students ready to listen. I made great friends and an academic mentor during my time at Edinburgh.

My vision is to build an organisation that provides African solutions to the core issues that the continent faces, utilising local knowledge and expertise.

Ama Akuamoah

Your experiences since leaving the University

Currently, I run Mokobε, a small business that focuses on supporting organisations’ strategies and delivering in the areas of media and communications, governance and political and international development in Ghana.

Besides that, l lecture, part time, on politics and work as a consultant for various organisations in my areas of expertise.

My vision is to build an organisation that provides African solutions to the core issues that the continent faces, utilising local knowledge and expertise. The intellectual rigor of the MSc course equipped me with skills that l can use in various contexts. Research is at the core of what l do professionally and Edinburgh offered the space for dispassionate inquiry and debate into the issues that excites me, especially African politics.

Away from work, I am co-president of the alumni club in Ghana, which involves being a point of contact for prospective students interested in finding out more about studying at Edinburgh. We’re also keen to connect with other alumni in Ghana.

Alumni Wisdom

Don’t allow anyone or anything to make you feel like you don’t belong in this University. Knock on doors, schedule meetings, ask questions, sit with someone at George Square, enquire about opportunities and do the work. The first responsibility for your education lies with you.

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