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Neha Gupta

Neha Gupta's masters programme helped her gain a new vision of finance and was a springboard to graduate positions at top finance firms in the UK and India.

Name Neha Gupta

MSc Finance and Investment

Year of graduation 2010
Neha Gupta

Your time at the University  

It wasn’t “just” the University’s academic record that got me to UoE. Before commencing my application to the Business School, I flew to Edinburgh to meet and talk to students and teachers, survey the infrastructure and understand how the Finance and Investment programme was structured, which led me to confirm this was the course and university for me. 

My masters degree curriculum was structured in such a way, that it gave me time to settle in a new continent, study and explore the country.

The most attractive course for me was Behavioural Finance. As the name itself calls out, this subject broke the myth of finance being solely associated with numbers and arithmetics alone. Back in 2009 this subject was still in its growth phase. But the way this was introduced and delivered at UoE Business School was helping young students develop a whole new vision towards finance.

There were opportunities to practise what we learnt in our classes. Student clubs like Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club gave me a platform to hear exciting Silicon Valley talks or to participate in a pitch competition. Such networking events also led me to explore the city if there was a walk organised up to Arthur’s Seat!

Not to forget the support extended by the Careers Service. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to be associated with legendary corporate names like Morgan Stanley and Deloitte had UoECareers Service not exhibited the path.

Student clubs like Edinburgh Entrepreneurship Club gave me a platform to hear exciting Silicon Valley talks or to participate in a pitch competition.

Neha GuptaDeloitte USI

Your experiences since leaving the University

Even before completing my dissertation, I had an “almost” ready offer from Morgan Stanley, London, which like any young, eager student out of university, I accepted. After joining, I realised that my attachment to the city of Edinburgh was so strong and that just one year with the University, was not enough. That drove me to come back and complete the circle, by joining Deloitte, Edinburgh. 

Deloitte UK not only gave me a client-facing role in the UK but also assisted me in completing the Chartered Accountancy Qualification. After being associated with the city for five years through education first and later profession, I decided to re-locate back to my home town in India. 

I transferred to Deloitte USI before moving, where I presently work as a Senior Consultant, within the Risk and Financial Advisory practice. My career graph has only grown with Deloitte at both locations. Since then, it has been about eight years with Deloitte and there has been no looking back. It is only fair for me to associate Deloitte USI with an ocean of opportunities. There is lot to offer for each professional. The direction provided by the leadership, reflects their true experience and interest in the well-being of their people. As of today, I see myself only growing for the better with Deloitte USI. I try my best to return to the firm and its professionals, the same level of dedication which the firm and leadership has invested in me.

Alumni wisdom

Edinburgh is a student town. It is a university town. Make the most of your time here. The University has a vibe that urges all of us to think - “What next?” Don’t be afraid to voice out or raise your hand. There is always someone to show a path ahead.

Smile at the University and it will embrace you with open arms.

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