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Asia and Pacific

The University has around 12,000 alumni based in the Asia and Pacific region with the main centres being mainland China, Australia, India and Japan.

Asia Pacific

We are fortunate to have active groups across the region who regularly organise get-togethers and assist the University with recruitment activities.

Please feel free to contact any of alumni listed below for more information on alumni activity in their area.

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If your current location isn't covered by one of our groups then this could be your opportunity to start something new and connect with Edinburgh graduates in your area.

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Active groups and contacts

Location Group or contact Contact method Further information
Melbourne, Australia Mr Trenton McNee (Economics MA, 2012)   Facebook page
Brisbane, Australia Ms Amanda Alexander (Global Crime, Justice and Security MSc, 2011)   Facebook page
Bangladesh Dr Tuhin Islam (Social Work PhD, 2013) Email  
Beijing, China  Dr Yunning Li (Engineering PhD, 2016)

WeChat ID: UoE_Alumni_CN


Chengdu, China Ms Mi Zhang (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Msc, 2016) WeChat ID: UOEchengdu  
Guangzhou, China Mr Golden Guo (Management of Training and Development MSc, 2010) Email  
Shanghai, China Ms Grace Guan (Education, MSc 2010) Email LinkedIn group
Shenzhen, China University of Edinburgh Alumni Association of Shenzhen Email  
Wuhan, China Dr Yue Hu (Chemistry PhD, 2016)

WeChat ID: UoE_Alumni_Central 


Hong Kong University of Edinburgh Alumni Association of Hong Kong   Facebook page
Bangalore, India
Mr Mathews Vincent (Finance and Investment MSc, 2016)
Chennai, India Mr Arun Srinivasan (MSc Life Sciences 2008) Email Facebook page
Hyderabad, India Mr Vinay Modi (Artificial Intelligence MSc, 2006) Email Facebook page
Mumbai, India Ms Janjri Jasani (Environmental Protection & Management MSc, 2005) Email Facebook page
New Delhi, India Mr Manish Modi (Finance & Investment MSc, 2007) Email Facebook page
Tokyo, Japan Mr Ewan Leaver (MENG 2013) Email Facebook page

Mr Adan Abid (Law and International Relations LLB, 2014)

Email Facebook page
Singapore University of Edinburgh Alumni Club of Singapore   Facebook page
South Korea Mr Marc Kim (Dip, 2008) Email Facebook page
Thailand Mr Vasuta Chan (Advanced Sustainable Design MSc, 2015) Email Facebook page

Regional groups

South Asia  Facebook group