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Timothy James (TJ) Hatter

International Relations graduate Timothy James (TJ) Hatter on his enthusiasm for serving the public and working with New York State's Attorney General.

Name Timothy James (TJ) Hatter

MSc in International Relations

Year of graduation 2012
TJ Hatter

At the moment

I am the Long Island Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for New York State Attorney General Letitia James. Tish James is the first woman of colour to hold statewide office in New York and the first woman to be elected Attorney General. It’s an honour to work with her.

Your time at the University  

It was my golden age. Every day brought glittering and interesting company. I’d be in a room of 20-30 people, all of whom were my friends, and I was the only American. It was a profound moment when I realised it. More people need to experience that. The professors and classes were so important. I have developed a healthcare strategy based on one of the classes I took. I gained amazing perspective from my social interactions and my studies. My essays were given generous marks, and then it gave me the confidence to have them be published on Atlantic Community, a global think tank. And every morning, while writing my dissertation, which I am still immensely proud of, I would walk Arthur’s Seat. Every morning. It was the closest thing to Heaven that I’ll ever get.

Your experiences since leaving the University

Since leaving Edinburgh, my company has been different, though no less glittering. In being the Long Island Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the New York State Attorney General, I’ve had the opportunity to help people. And there is no gift more pure than having Tish James tell you to go and do justice.

So you know I’m not inflating my efforts, I was given the Excellence in Public Service Award by the Attorney General this past year. And it’s a title I am ferociously defending. But it wouldn’t have happened, and I wouldn’t do it as well, if I didn’t go to Edinburgh.

I get to protect vulnerable populations and help everyday people with issues.

Timothy James (TJ) HatterLong Island Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

Life during Covid-19

I’ve been lucky. I’m healthy. My family is healthy. My friends are healthy. But what I’ve done is work. Hard. I normally work 12 to14 hours a day. Under Covid-19 it’s 16 to 20. My hours are odd. Thankfully my UK friends have been there when I’m up too early or too late to talk. MP Stella Creasy has constantly been helpful and inspirational. I was planning on coming back to Edinburgh this past spring. It obviously was cancelled. But I want to return. And when I can, I will.  

Alumni wisdom

Cherish every moment. Time goes by fast and things move in and out of your life. Never miss an opportunity to tell people how much they mean to you. And never miss an opportunity to appreciate the place you’re in.

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