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Lucy Moran

2018 Business with Marketing graduate Lucy Moran helped to create the podcast 'Her Own Boss', designed to inspire young women to find their inner entrepreneur.

Name Lucy Moran

MA (Hons) in Business with Marketing

Year of graduation 2018
Lucy Moran

At the moment

I’m based in London on the Barclays UK graduate scheme. I’m very well and keeping busy with my Business Banking Analyst job and several side hustles!

Your time at the University  

I chose to study a business degree because I wanted to develop a broad knowledge of business operations as well as gaining targeted skills in different fields, such as customers, markets, finance, strategy and communications. I believe I got the most out university by choosing to attend the University of Edinburgh because of the wide variety of courses available, the commitment and interest my lecturers and mentors had in my development, and the extensive list of extra-curriculum activities to choose from.

I particularly enjoyed being a member of Edinburgh Women's Hockey Club, being a member of the Exec Committee for the University of Edinburgh Business Society and studying abroad in Copenhagen during my third year of studies. All of these experiences shaped my life after university and presented me with countless opportunities to develop and make long-lasting, strong relationships with people from around the world!

Your experiences since leaving the University

After university I applied for graduate schemes and managed to secure a place on Barclays UK graduate scheme as a Business Banking Analyst. Applying for graduate schemes can be an exhaustive and draining process and many graduates, like myself, tend to face many rejections. One thing I learned is to persevere, apply to absolutely everything and anything that interests you and focus on yourself, not anyone else’s journey, success or failure.

Since joining Barclays, five fellow recent graduates and I have launched a podcast called Her Own Boss, which is designed to help young women find their inner entrepreneur and help close the confidence gap that exists between men and women at the start of their careers. The podcast episodes feature interviews with experienced and aspiring female entrepreneurs, as well as career coaches who provide top tips on how to develop personally and professionally. 

I also accepted an Executive Committee position as Chief Marketing Officer for The Circle of Intrapreneurs (COI). An intrapreneur is someone who works in a corporation and thinks like an entrepreneur, leveraging corporate resources and creating new revenue streams for the business. COI is a movement run by volunteers aimed to empower people to drive social impact through business by nurturing a community of purpose-driven intrapreneurs and allies, providing a space in which they can grow and flourish. I recently carried out a brand refresh for the organisation and now look to create social media content strategies to drive engagement, growth and increase the pipeline of social intrapreneurs. 

...Focus on yourself, not anyone else’s journey, success or failure.

Lucy Moran

Your Covid-19 experience

For me, Covid-19 shed light on the importance of making time to relax and focus on myself and my relationships with family and friends. The pandemic has also made me appreciate the value and importance of community and it has been really encouraging to see so many people pull together and help each other during these difficult times.

Alumni wisdom

Say yes to everything – the smallest experiences can lead you to the most unexpected places!

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