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Udita Banerjee

Once Udita Banerjee got over the culture shock of Edinburgh’s ‘quiet’ streets, she found here the inspiration to write, travel and make Edinburgh her home.

Name Udita Banerjee
Degree Course MSc Electronics
Year of Graduation 2013

Your time at the University

Udita Banerjee

I came to Edinburgh just after the festival chaos had ended in 2012. I was excited to be on foreign soil for the first time - my first passport stamp!

The first ‘culture shock’ moment was when, upon getting into town, I was aware of how few people there were. I kept thinking for the first week that there was a curfew of some sort, before it dawned on me that this was the usual number of people out and about on a normal day. Having moved from a city of 20 million (Delhi), this was a nice change.

The University was the only one in the country that offered the course I wanted to do, and combined with the funding I was offered, Edinburgh was an easy choice. I was fortunate to have been awarded the Jubilee Scholarship (2012), which helped immensely towards offsetting the cost of a year abroad. It was the right choice to come to Edinburgh, for in this town, I found the urge to travel, the time to read, the willingness to write, and the motivation to succeed.

The University has this tremendous vibe that promotes excellence and creativity. I was constantly challenged at coursework and motivated to pursue other interests as well. A very rewarding experience was volunteering for the International Visitor Experience at the School of History, Classics, and Archaeology. It gave me the opportunity to travel and carefully document my experiences.

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

Edinburgh inspired me in many ways. I was determined to explore more of life here and made a place for myself as a Graduate on the RBS Technology Services programme, one of the most competitive schemes to get on to. The University Careers service mentored and encouraged me throughout the entire process.

I now work in the Innovation department and lead a diverse team of engineers who work with new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and API-based banking (application programming interface).

As a cog in the wheel of the wider university alumni network, I feel connected and involved in daily Edinburgh life.

Udita Banerjee

Soon after I finished my course, I was also published in a Scottish Book Trust anthology (Book Week Scotland 2013) and this first major milestone fuelled me to complete my Masters in English Literature. I review theatre at the Festival Fringe annually and also for various publications round the year.

My adopted families in Scotland, most of whom I met during my time in Edinburgh, form my support system far away from home. As a cog in the wheel of the wider university alumni network, I feel connected and involved in daily Edinburgh life.

Alumni wisdom

Do not hold yourself back from experiences. The University fosters a very nurturing and non-judgemental attitude towards personal pursuits and all of Edinburgh participates in that culture.

Travel on a budget, meet new people, embrace a new culture, volunteer, get involved in something that scares you, and work hard at studying.

The University has an immense pool of people expertise and resources make the most of them. My year in Edinburgh changed the way I think and live my life and I would hope that your experience is enriching and successful as well.


Last updated October 2018