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Svetoslav Todorov

Pianist Svetoslav Todorov a BMus (Hons) graduate and current Royal College of Music student shares his recent work and memories from his time in Edinburgh.


Svetoslav Todorov

Degree Course

Bachelor of Music (Honors)

Year of Graduation 2015
Svetoslav Todorov

Tell us about your time at the University

Destiny sent a tourist from Edinburgh to my home country of Bulgaria where we fortuitously met. Later after discovering that Edinburgh is one of the top Universities in the world I chose to study there. My 4 years at the University were fantastic with each year better than the previous one. I met lovely teachers, made wonderful friendships, and enjoyed the beauty of the city. One of my precious memories is when I was invited to perform on the piano for HRH The Princess Royal at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh - an unbelievable experience. At Edinburgh's live music venue the Usher Hall, I met the renound violinist and violist Nigel Kennedy who recently mentored the release of my debut video called The Kapustin Project (see below). During my final year, I met a local Edinburgh family who made me feel as warm and welcome as being home and this made me love them!

Dream bravely and work extremely hard...

Svetoslav Todorov

Tell us about your Experiences since leaving the University

After graduating from The University of Edinburgh, I continued onto Postgraduate study at the Royal College of Music (RCM) in London. Now, I am at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City where I am representing the RCM for a semester gaining some valuable experience. My first year at RCM was very exciting and busy for me with performances in concert venues across Europe such as the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre in London, the Bulgarian Embassy and others.

Last year I was awarded first prize at the International music competition ‘J S Bach’ in Fukuoka, Japan. In addition, in June this year I released my debut video ‘The Kapustin Project’ that I dedicated to the Queen’s 90th Birthday combining my improvisation on ‘God Save The Queen’ with Nikolai Kapustin’s Pastoral Etude and adding bass and drum sections to it. My idea is to keep releasing such interesting videos and keep inspiring more and more people through my music.

Alumni wisdom

Dream bravely and work extremely hard to make your dreams a reality.