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Theresia Mina

Not only did Edinburgh provide Theresia Mina with the training and skills she needs for her career in clinical research, it also provided her first experience in a kayak.

Name Theresia Mina

Msc Reproductive Sciences; PhD Cardiovascular SciencesGlobal Health and Public Policy

Year of Graduation 2013; 2016
Theresia Mina

Why did you choose the University of Edinburgh?  

I chose Edinburgh to study reproductive sciences because it is the place where Dolly was cloned and born! Most importantly, it was because of Edinburgh’s well-established reputation for excellent medical education and research. One of the fond memories I have of my time as a student studying is the retreat to the University’s Firbush facility, where I learned to kayak for the first time and was able to kayak in a Scottish loch. Other unforgettable experiences include the opportunity to represent the research community of the School of Clinical Sciences in the Westminster Parliament, and to conduct my clinical research in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, which put me where I am today.

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the University

My experience in setting up a small clinical study involving young children helped me to secure my postdoctoral role today. I am now managing the development and validation of all questionnaire-related items in the latest epidemiological study in Singapore. This is a huge learning curve and responsibility. However, my training in Edinburgh ensures that I am well-equipped for the challenging tasks ahead.

My training in Edinburgh ensures that I am well-equipped for the challenging tasks ahead.

Dr Theresia Mina

Alumni wisdom

If I could advise current students who are undertaking their postgraduate training, it would be to learn as much as you can and to not be afraid to make mistakes. Most importantly, remember to not only embrace what the University offers you, but also do your best to contribute back to the University and beyond.